so tiredMRI in …

so tired

MRI in 4 hours (at 1 am!)

Blood glucose at 9:15


it’s a busy 12 hours

just looking for answers

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crazy storms he…

crazy storms here

not a lot of time to blog right now, a lot going on with the girl

good stuff, not bad

i realize that these half assed, poorly written posts are lacking

in so many things





sorry, kids come first.


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not much to say

trying to sort out my school stuff right now

keeping the kids on track with their work

getting Miss H back on track after 2 weeks of easy load for recovery

Miss D is busy belting out ABBA tunes right now

the night is quiet

expecting company soon, Ontario Children’s Lawyer finally agreed to taking on our case

who knows what to expect, I’m sure my ex expects the best

I expect to fight harder to make sure my kids are safe

I wish things were different

no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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We are busy trying to re-launch Bill’s music mag site right now, hit some snags, needs a huge redesign and some changes

real updates to follow… promise


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Not me Mondays

Yesterday… I certainly did not risk damaging my brand new camera

by lying on my stomach

by the side of the pool

and holding my camera

inches above the surface of the pool

and asking the kids to bounce under water

for the sake of fun photos…

Nope, not me, I would never do that

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If you’re on the computer more than once a day…

then you’re doing this summer thing wrong!

It’s pouring today, but we’ve been outside for the last week, enjoying the sun, getting some much needed vitamin D and swimming out hearts out.

We humbly suggest you get off of the internet, find the nearest pool…

and jump…



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There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart ~Celia Thaxter

we’re spending our days out and about, swimming, playing, and making plans to drive the Georgian loop later this summer

but this week, we’re sticking close to the water at a relative’s home… and while I will post about how we’ve done with out ‘greener living’ project later today, I’ll give a quick update now!

This past week we have

  • gone from spending an average of $56 a week on Starbucks and Tim Hortons… to spending just $1.53
  • reduced our waste at the curb by an incredible 70% (not including waste from sorting through old boxes in the garage – this was an exceptional circumstance and we freecycled everything we could)
  • our groceries have come in at 80% local and 20% not
  • tried kohlrabi for the first time
  • reduced our average take out meal cost from $60 to $0
  • doubled the amount of vegetables in our daily intake
  • reduced our meat consumption
  • tried two new recipes using only whole foods
  • driven only 16 km without carpooling (down from approz 200km a week)

so far, all of our changes are going just swimmingly!

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