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Homeschooling is hard sometimes…

but there are so many days that make even the hardest moments worth every struggle and reminds us that every success must be celebrated in full… Advertisements

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Greener… healthier, starts with us

As I posted a short time ago, we’re making some big changes over the summer.  Making our lives less energy dependant, making our bodies healthier by getting rid of *all* take out (even the healthy stuff!), reducing our meat intake. … Continue reading

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Nom nom nom…

Tonight we made rainbow cupcakes of awesome! To celebrate our last official day of brick and mortar school for D… We were set to decorate them, but Bill and I decided… that taste testing these for the sake of the … Continue reading

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Dear Deliah

Kindly stay six forever… I’d rather you not get any older than this moment right here

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My life is defined by Mondays

Mondays are fresh starts, a chance to do things over… every Monday is a not me Monday! Unlike a lot of parents, Monday is the end to our weekend, it’s when I tidy, do laundry, catch up anything missed in … Continue reading

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Henry the (chicken that looks like a) duck!

The girls think that Henry looks like a chipmunk But the grownups agree… Henry looks a lot like… a duck!

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Meet Theresa!

Theresa was our smallest egg (weighing the least when we first started), and our first to hatch! She was egg #18 in our little hatchery… She is also the last chick in and out of the crate when we change … Continue reading

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