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We are busy trying to re-launch Bill’s music mag site right now, hit some snags, needs a huge redesign and some changes real updates to follow… promise Thanks! Advertisements

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Not me Mondays

Yesterday… I certainly did not risk damaging my brand new camera by lying on my stomach by the side of the pool and holding my camera inches above the surface of the pool and asking the kids to bounce under … Continue reading

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If you’re on the computer more than once a day…

then you’re doing this summer thing wrong! It’s pouring today, but we’ve been outside for the last week, enjoying the sun, getting some much needed vitamin D and swimming out hearts out. We humbly suggest you get off of the … Continue reading

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There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart ~Celia Thaxter

we’re spending our days out and about, swimming, playing, and making plans to drive the Georgian loop later this summer but this week, we’re sticking close to the water at a relative’s home… and while I will post about how … Continue reading

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How Grandma danced with Gene Kelly…

In 1945 my grandmother Margaret was stationed in Washington, serving her term in the Air Force (for Canada.) She was one of 26 Canadian joint staff to be invited to attend an annual Roosevelt Ball that raised money for a … Continue reading

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“This is not flavoury…” ~Deliah

We tried the Mixed Berry & Almond Quinoa Bowl from PGEW this morning and it didn’t go well at all. The concept is a nice idea, but the execution left something to be desired. Even the grown ups found this … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada!

We spent yesterday with friends and family, watching fireworks from a balcony and swimming in an indoor pool… boy, life is tough the girls enjoyed taking a break from education and spent…

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