My life is defined by Mondays

Mondays are fresh starts, a chance to do things over… every Monday is a not me Monday!

Unlike a lot of parents, Monday is the end to our weekend, it’s when I tidy, do laundry, catch up anything missed in the last 7 days.

That being said

Today… I will certainly not gripe about cleaning the chickens one more time before they head home, nope… not me

Today… I most certainly did not go to the store to buy cake mix to make a cake for D’s last day of school, only to buy a tonne of groceries, completely neglecting the only item I intended to buy there… nopers, not me

Today… I did not panic at the idea of switching to our 80/20 plan next week in an effort to make our lives and planet a little bit greener… nope, I never panic at new ideas! Not me!

Today… I certainly did not allow Hannah to eat three croissants for breakfast while I blogged this post, not this diligent parent!

Today… I did not let Bill think he’d lost his mail keys because I secretly forgot to put them back, only to pretend the magically appeared on their proper hook later in the morning… I’m certainly not that kind of gal!

Today… I did not look into the cart, mentally calculating all of the wonderful items I buy weekly that we will be forgoing for the entire summer in favour of CSA and home-made treats (Tropicana, you and I have to have a word about having an orchard within 100miles of my home please! I love you, let’s not fight!)

Nope… none of this was me


About heather

We are organic eating, chocolate sneaking, homeschooling, book reading, knitting, playing, music loving, experimental tourists of life!
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