Big changes on the horizon!

Well, our family had some scary news two weeks ago.  At a routine check up for Deliah, the doctor (or rather the nurse) found elevated levels of protein in her urine and elevated sugar levels in her blood!  Very, very scary for us.  The idea that Deliah could have type 1 diabetes prompted Bill and I to talk about some serious changes in our home.  We already eat well, not a lot of junk.  Most of our menu consists of veggies, fruit, lean meats and whole grains, but we needed to look at how we ate and prepared so many of the foods we consume.

We will be talking to a friend of ours who runs her own Naturopathic clinic in Toronto and to our own GP and made a big decision. We’re not only working towards our goal of zero non-compostable waste for two months (along with a bunch of other greener goals), but we’ve cutting our consumption of meat by 80% and our consumption of non-organic meats by 100%. There is a lot of research to support a healthier diet consisting of mainly vegetarian choices, and also research to support significant dietary changes (towards more veg, fewer meats and breads) in the treatment of early onset diabetes.

Type 1 is not caused by what you eat, it’s caused by dysfunction in the pancreas.  It is an autoimmune disease and is typically treated by insulin injections to assist the body’s production. I assure you that we eat a well-balanced diet, though the grown ups in our house are less likely to stick to it (as in eating enough vegetables and avoiding things like coffee and too much bread.)

We were so lucky to learn on Tuesday that she is not diabetic – yet.  She has a lot of the symptoms of pre-diabetes right now, including low body weight/height for her age, she is hungry all of the time (but only eats small amounts at a time), issues with her bladder, and consistent but only slightly high blood sugars. Both the doc and ND have/will be recommending a list of changes to help manage this condition as long as possible in the hopes of delaying (or in my personal case, preventing!) the potential onset of type 1.

There is always the chance that this is a misdiagnosis, but I’m not willing to run the risk of earlier complications because we’re not making the changes right away. We already deal with Bill’s MS, managing this also means even more changes for his health as we reduce the amount of fruit juices, processed cereals and meats.  Replacing it with vegetables, whole grains and unprocessed, mostly raw meals should be an adventure.

We’ll be posting recipes and updates as we go, but prayers and healthy, raw veggies recipes are most welcome and appreciated!


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