‘Not me’ Mondays…

Today will be terribly exciting… it’s a big day in our house.  You see, we’ve got everything right on the ball.

I will most certainly not be spending my whole day doing laundry after neglecting it for the past week in favour of the hatching chicks. I will absolutely not have to wash our main floor after letting it slide because we’ve been tracking in dirt and playing outside too much to be bothered with it for the last 10 days.

I will not be just a little embarassed after cleaning out the frdge today, because there is no chance I forgot to clean it out last garbage day while I sat and chatted with mommy bloggers on our ustream live feed of chicks hatching.  Nope, not me.

I am absolutely not keeping my daughter home to sleep in this morning after spending an entire weekend camping with her big sister and her Brownie friends… nope, not me.


About heather

We are organic eating, chocolate sneaking, homeschooling, book reading, knitting, playing, music loving, experimental tourists of life!
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One Response to ‘Not me’ Mondays…

  1. Jenilee says:

    sounds like a fun, busy summer! I never neglect our floors or fridge either. 😉 it almost doesn’t seem worth it to clean the floor when they are constantly tracking more things in after playing outside!

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