Phew… a busy few days!

We intended to post shortly after the hatching of the chicks, but life has gotten in the way

in the last 4 days we have had:

  • a combined total of 21,000 visitors to the ustream link and the blog
  • visitors from Canada, United States, Uk, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy (Avimo and Rome) Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Belerus, The Netherlands, France watched as our 12 chicks hatched! We feel like we’re competin with FIFA
  • had a combined loss of 14 hours of sleep between two parents
  • donated our 3 unfortunate losses to a local Outdoor Education centre for preservation and study
  • Hannah had a leech bite AT the OEC, but it didn’t hurt and the wonderful educator there even gave her some extra lessons on the life around the centre.  She also got to hold a leech (this one didn’t have dinner with her)
  • We met 2 redbacked salamanders in the woods and learned that salamaders are a type of amphibian and has no lungs to breathe with (so don’t hold them too tight or for two long!

and many, many more things…

so that’s why we haven’t posted to blog with chick pics. I am charging my batteries for the camera today and will post as soon as humanly possible.

For now, I leave with with our chick that looks like a duck… Henry VI


About heather

We are organic eating, chocolate sneaking, homeschooling, book reading, knitting, playing, music loving, experimental tourists of life!
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