Hey family, what’s up with the eggs?

Not much.

We have entered into the last week pre-hatching and there is almost nothing exciting for us to talk about. We stopped turning the eggs on Friday night (that was our last) because we’re SO close to the hatching!

Still trying to track down a webcam that will work with our laptop so that we can set up the live feed before the big event and that’s driving us all a little crazy because so many offers have come in, but none of the cameras have been vista compatible.

Hannah and Deliah are checking the eggs hourly, hoping they’ll start to hatch any moment now. Mom and Dad keep reassuring them that they won’t be out until probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

We’re hoping the rain holds out long enough today to get a good start on our ‘earth boxes’. We’ve been inspired by a knitterly friend of mine.  Her blog about her earth box can be found here and I’m hoping by tomorrow we’ll have a photo heavy porch of our attempt at a similar box.

The soil in our yard isn’t really condusive to growing a hearty veggie garden, but we’re hoping the works.  Our pumpkins are ready to be transplanted, our zucchinis are very close.  Spinach and tomato plants are ready to go by Wednesday or Thursday.  In short, we need to get on this. Fast.


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We are organic eating, chocolate sneaking, homeschooling, book reading, knitting, playing, music loving, experimental tourists of life!
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