Getting our hands dirty…

We’ve pushed up our sleeves and put together our first earth box.  Pretty proud of ourselves, we’re used no newly purchased material – except dirt – for this project!

We needed:

  • 2- large rubbermaid bin (for the purpose of this, we used one smaller for the irrigation system
  • box cutter – grown ups only
  • marker
  • plastic containers
  • tubing (pvc pice, 2-3 inches around)
  • soil
  • plants
  • coffee grounds (to fight slugs)
  • plastic sheet (we used left overs we removed from windows sealed for the winter)
  • good ol’ fashioned elbow grease (we have THAT in spades)

I did the cutting while the kids were cleaning up from weeding earlier.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, muscles are already feeling a little stiff from the effort – might have to make an excuse to avoid arms at the gym tomorrow.

Reduce, reuse and renew!

A hole for the plastic soil cups

Cut a hole for the irrigation tube

going into the bigger bin

We ended up using a plastic cup and an old ziploc container for soil…

We moved the hole kit and caboodle outside, and put in the first 25L bag of black soil

Soil... yay!

We added a layer of coffee grounds that the starbucks near our home collected for us yesterday

Starbucks! Yum!


We added in another 25L of black earth and added the plastic sheets leftover from the winter wind proofing

We cut slits in the sheet for the plants to grow through… we’ll remove the plastic later in the summer when they really start to grow.

Then, finally, we started planting our pumpkins

We topped off the resevoir under the soil

And voila… the finished product!  We are looking forward to small pumpkins in a few months, hopefully this will holding for the 3 plants


About heather

We are organic eating, chocolate sneaking, homeschooling, book reading, knitting, playing, music loving, experimental tourists of life!
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