Oh, 8! How you’ve changed!

Here’s to 8, poor 8… a poor egg with no name.  Reminds me of Miss Golightly and her cat!  I think we’re going to call you ‘Cat’, oh egg formerly known at 8!

Hannah here:

#8 is light blue.  it is long and skinny.

it is a long oval

I think it is one of the smallest eggs (it is the 3rd smallest in our hatch – mom)

we take pictures of 8 almost every day. it is blue like 4 but 4 is hard to see thrue (through – mom)

4 weighs 61 grams on day 1

mom here:

Hannah and Deliah think it is very funny that I have named this chicken ‘Cat’ and I may have to give myself the same serious talk about not counting our chickens before the hatch to myself in the mirror.  I will be very stern with me and I sincerely hope ‘me’ understands the consequences of becoming attached to an embryonic chicken!

Hannah is correct, we have tried to take pictures of Cat every single day… for comparison.  Mostly because I was worried about eggs not developing and I like seeing the change each day.  It also gives the girls a good idea of what’s going on in that shell!

Here is Cat’s journey:

Cat on day 1

Cat on day 2

Cat on day 4

day 5 (hey, you know this guy by now!

And today… today we got video!


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One Response to Oh, 8! How you’ve changed!

  1. Sarah Hemingway says:

    Wow! Great video of the heart beating and the little chickie embryo moving around inside!

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