Where the heart is…

Last night Bill and I (Heather) were able to determine that at least 17 out of the 18 eggs were showing signs of viability.  We both know that life can change on a dime and we don’t expect all 17 of those will hatch.  Hannah’s current bet is 10, Deliah is a little more optimistic with her guess of 15.  Bill and I are’t taking bets, we’re just hoping most of them make it. It’s a good introduction to the basics of life in other creatures, how they’re born, how long they live and how sometimes we lose them too soon. Naturally there have been questions about this process.

I read a story once about a man explaining to his son why the squirrel they saw in the woods had died.  He told the little boy that each life on this planet has a time line, and that every creature was born into this world with only enough heartbeats to serve the purpose they were intended to serve.  Once that creature had finished it’s journey, it ran out of beats and went back to Heaven (or the universe, Nirvana, the afterlife depending on your religious philosophy). The story didn’t explain why some creatures (like dogs and squirrels) died after such a short time and why others (people and sea turtles) typically have a longer life span… Hannah’s friend M had a great explanation for this. She explained (as only a 7 year old can) that some wonderful creatures are born already knowing how to love, their journey is shorter because their life starts so much closer to the end. That seems to resonate with the girls and the idea that we all have a purpose, even if we haven’t yet figured out what it is yet, and the biggest part of that purpose is to learn how to love (yourself, your family, your friends, God, Buddah, your enemies).

Whew, heavy post for such an early morning…

For now, I’ll leave you with these photos from this morning of where the heart is, right now it’s that darker spot in the middle of those spidery veins:

Egg #8 day 5

egg #2 day 5

We’re visiting family, so the posts this weekend have been short and Hannah has been doing a lot work on her sheets, she WILL transcribe them and post her own entry very soon.

We’re hoping by day 7 or 8 we’ll be able to get a short video of the heart beats, but we don’t want the eggs out of their cozy incubator for longer than a few moments at a time.


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6 Responses to Where the heart is…

  1. The Other HEather says:

    That is amazing. First of all, the pictures are great, but the story about Hannah’s friend is fabulous. John and I both really loved this read today. Kids rock.

    And by the way, I think this is a fabulous thing to do for your kids.

  2. Sarah Hemingway says:

    What a great experiment you have going so far! I love these pics of the life inside the eggs. I have some questions for Hannah: How much longer will you have to wait until you expect these eggs to hatch? Are you going to name them? Will you be able to tell if they are boys or girls before you have to give them back? If so, how many of each do you expect?

    • Hannah here:

      Hi Mrs. Hemingway,

      Thank you for reading my website. Deliah thinks that looking inside the egg is gross, but I think it’s very cool. Mom can see the flicker from the chick’s heart beat, but I can’t tell yet.

      Eggs take about 3 weeks to hatch. We started incubating the eggs on tuesday. We have 15 days to wait.

      Um, I am going to name one Jade. Deliah is going to name one Smartie. We don’t know the rest of the eggs names yet.

      I don’t know which ones are boys or girls. I will ask mom or dad when they are almost ready to hatch if we can find out. We might go to the librarey to read a book about chickens to find out how to tell.

      I guessed that 10 eggs will hatch. maybe 7 girls or 2 girls. i don’t know we have to wait.

      Thank you for your email I am going to watch Air Buds 2 now


      (some editing help from Mom)

      • Sarah Hemingway says:

        Hi Hannah,

        Thank you for such a quick reply to my questions! It sounds like you’ve done a lot of work and are having lots of fun too with this experiment. I’m really enjoying reading your blog.

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