On consistency and glowing alien eggs…

For the past few days our family has managed to keep our styrofoam bucket of eggs at a consistent 99.3F, but our humidity levels have fluctuated between 55 and 75% over the last 24 hours.  75% is way too high and can possibly create an issue with the protection of the egg shel. We’ve removed the lid plugs to rememedy the problem.

We ran a few of the eggs through the candeling process last night to make sure our LED minimag light was going to do the trick next week when we attempt to see baby chicks bouncing in their little eggs. It seemed to work and the few we checked look good compared to “3 day” photos online.  Hannah is busy writing up answers to the worksheet Mom made (based on data collected the 1st and 3rd days) and will be transcribing them shortly.

When we candled the eggs yesterday, we followed every possible instruction we could locate:

  • be gentle, no more movement should be used compared to turning the eggs during the day
  • no more than 20 minutes outside of the safe warmth of the incubator (we averged 2 minutes per egg)
  • no rotating the egg in circles to watch the contents move

For now, here’s a look at what our little chicks currently look like (day 2)

This is egg #2, one of the largest eggs in our hatch on day 2 (yesterday)

Egg #2 day 2

Egg #8 on day 2 (yesterday), Hannah has likened this to an alien egg (and is just a little bit opimistic at the possibility that some random chicken was tricked into carrying a new intergalactic chicken species… this reminds Mom and Dad to have a little conversation about the difference between cartoons and reality with the kids)

egg #8 on day 2

and finally… an egg out of the carton in our fridge for comparision.  Keep in mind, this is a white store bought egg, I will be picking up a carton of brown tomorrow at the farmers market, you’ll get a better idea of the difference then. That giant orange glow is only slightly larger than the yolk appears off camera, as you can see… it is a LOT larger than the spots in the hatching eggs

an egg we don't need to love, squeeze and call George

Apparently as some point, we nee to remove unfertilized eggs or we run the risk of having an egg explode inside of the incubator – a mess and smell none of us want to deal with.

Hannah is checking the temp right now, and says “the humiditor (not a real word – ed.) monitor is going down, phew” and then we’re off to buy a present with the birthday money sent to her by her great (and fabulous) Aunt B!

Have a great day!


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2 Responses to On consistency and glowing alien eggs…

  1. Teresa says:

    Not only will there be a mess if one explodes, but the remaining eggs/chicks might get ill. Sometimes chicks start dying around age 6 days (I think that is right), with an illness called egg disease, caused by the bacteria from the exploded egg going through the shell and infecting the chick.

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